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Rat Trap

Rat Trap

NEW FOR 2017!
It's Big, It's Confusing, It's Scary... and You're the Bait

If you've ever witnessed a rat caught in a trap, struggling to get free, struggling to find a way out, struggling for its life... then you'll get just a little feel of what Rat Trap is all about. Enter the Dark Maze. Hear the horrendous sounds that surround you, Smell the musty odors, the decaying meat... the rotting flesh. Feel your way through this confusing maze of shocking surprises. But be very cautious of what you touch; hard and splintered surfaces, soft and sticky objects; Every turn creating more confusion than the last, making it virtually impossible to find your way out. This is the place where the rats are free and you are the bait. Face it, you're a permanent prisoner... of Rat Trap!

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Once You're In... You don't get out!

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