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Bloody Bayou Swamp

Bloody Bayou Swamp

The Scariest, Most Exciting Outdoor Haunted Maze in America

We is invitin you all ta suppa! Swampus da Swamp Witch, Dat Voodoo Queen, Chop da Ax man, Skinner n da Caretaker... an all da fokes down down in dis bloody bayou swamp, C'mon n visit Cuzin Jess n his inbred kin folk We jus awaitin fo you in da deepest, dakest Swamp dis ole worl gots to offa. We made a nice bed fo ya in da Fogotton Souls Cemetery. Nice n comfy. Jus make sho you all watch ya back as ya sperience da scariest night of yo wothless, little life. Ya all come back now...


Get ready for the Return of the Bloody Bayou Swamp. The largest and by far the scariest Outside Dark Attraction anywhere. Take a trip to the deepest, darkest part on the country, a place where law enforcement don't dare go. This Swamp is filled with an entire herd of the most terrifying, ruthless creatures, monsters and inbreeds that you could ever imagine. What happens in the Bayou, stays in the Bayou.... forever!

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Don't Drink The Water

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