Fun Things to Do

Fun Things To Do at Fear Itself at Legend Park
the Scariest & Best Things To Do at Halloween

Looking for the Fun Things To Do this Halloween? You better get to Fear Itself at Legend Park. Fear Itself, is considered to have the scariest, the biggest and the best haunted attractions in Indiana and Michigan and many experts say Fear Itself is the #1 Haunted Attraction in the country.

But that’s not all, Fear Itself delivers more than just the top rated haunted attractions in the country… they deliver all kinds of other exciting Halloween activities.

From Haunted Attractions that will scare you to death, to live music and competition games with friends. You’ll find great food and all types of exciting entertainment.

That’s just the beginning of the fun. At Fear Itself we have free fireworks on select nights, free bonfire parties every night (weather permitting), a Monster Midway, Midway Games, Legend’s Midway Monsters, fire pit musicians, and area’s to just sit, laugh and hangout with friends.

When it comes to Fun Things to do this Halloween Season… come to Fear Itself at Legend Park!

Fire Pit

FREE Fire Pit Parties and just hanging out with friends at Fear Itself 

Again this Halloween Season Fear Itself is providing several fire pits for warmth, hanging out with friends and on various nights we even have fire pit musicians to add to the festivities.

So grab your friends, hit a bail of hay, listen to music, laugh, scream and have an amazing time! And experience some of the Best Haunted Houses in America!

Midway Games

Midway Games and
Live Entertainment

We are expanding the Fear Itself at Legend Park Monster Midway for your enjoyment. Come on out and enjoy the Midway and have the time of your life.

Check out the LEGEND GRILL. Have a mouthwatering Legend Burger, Tacos, a Rock Monster Pulled Pork, our crispy fries, cotton candy, candy apples and all types of other great food.

Play the Monster Midway Games and see if you’ve got what it takes to win a Grand Prize.

Enjoy the Fear Itself Midway Entertainers. From Sinisiter Clowns to Legend Bot, from Skully the Giant Skeleton to Ratman… this is the best place for FREE SCARES.

Don’t miss our all NEW LEGEND FEAR FOTOS BOOTH. Let the world know that you took on and conquered your fears at Fear Itself!

Grab a bail of hay and hang out in our new Bayou Boardwalk or in one of our Guest areas.

Just Come Enjoy the Fun at Legend Park!

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Fear Gear

Check Out Cuckoo’s Collectibles, a Gift Shop filled with FEAR GEAR and other Halloween Goodies

While you’re at Legend don’t forget to stop into our Cuckoo’s Collectibles Gift Shop.

We offer great deals on Fear Itself Fear Gear™and many other gifts that you

will certainly want to share with friends and family (or keep for yourself)!

Come to Fear Itself and take home a Reminder!

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Special Events

Enjoy Our Very Special End of Season 2 Nights Only Special Events. ..

After you’ve experienced the amazing Fear Itself at Legend Park, including all 5 Haunted Houses… and had a the time of your life, come back again at the end of the season.

That’s right. Just when you think the Halloween Season is over the Fear Itself Scream Team is just warming up for our 2 Incredible Nights during BRAINSTORM our amazing, end-of-season Special Event!

Brainstorm is one of of the country’s largest interactive Zombie Events. You get to try to make your way through the darkness in multiple Fear Itself Haunts while Zombies do everything they can tot take your life. Worry not! If you like you can purchase a special Zombie Blaster and Shoot the Zombies… Before They Suck Your Brains Out!

This very Special Fear Itself Event is one that you will not want to miss!

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